Journey from Al Haram Stationers to Urdu Bazaar Mall (UBM)

Pakistan's 1st Super Stationery Store for all Wholesalers, Offices, Schools, Universities & Colleges, Govt & Pvt sectors, Factories & Industries.

With the countless blessings of ALLAH Almighty, we proudly announce that we have achieved another milestone. The journey from AL-HARAM Stationers to Urdu Bazaar Mall (UBM) has its history that highlights sincerity and devotion spanning almost half a century. AL HARAM Stationers was established by our grandfather since five decades ago later on my father's commitments and passion left no stone unturned in not only the establishment, but also the stability of the business. Now we are the exclusive name of the world dealings brands which shows the international export level of confidence in us.

Here we feel highly contented and delighted to introduce our new, up to date, modern and state of the art Stationary display set up at Urdu Bazaar Mall (UBM). Urdu Bazaar Mall the place where quality meets variety in the most economical way. Here, the stations of customers have the highest place in our objectives. By ensuring, the availability or renowned brands, UBM is becoming a leading provider of stationary solutions of the department of educational institutions, offices, and numerous outlets nationwide. We invite you to visit Urdu Bazaar Mall at your earliest and feel the world-class shopping experience as per the highest standards of the school, Fine Arts, and office items.

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We have a strong distribution and marketing network nation wide. We had 50 persons in our staff member when we launched our first product the brand name “SENSA” in 1998. Later on, with our strenuous efforts, hardworking, strong market analysis, research and development, keen interest, increase the size of our team with skilled persons from 50 to 500. Our marketing team (which is based on 150 well-educated persons) has to visit almost all the markets of the country's regular intervals of time to ensure the availability of the quality products in the markets. With these efforts, we have introduced a comprehensive range of elegant and popular products of office and the school’s stationery. Moreover, we are planning to add many useful quality products to our massive range of products. Our regular customers in offices, educational institutions, government, and private sectors throughout the country, especially in Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Lahore, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Peshawar, etc. who connected with us shows trust since the beginning of the time.

We Import both raw material and finished products from various countries like the USA, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.


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