WWEI Technical City Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control Building Set

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  • Amazing journey to explore space: the city space shuttle toy play set can give children the full passion to play the role of an astronaut, explore space and land on Mars by driving these spaceships and creating their own unique adventure to explore city space.
  • What is in the box? Children can build a space shuttle toy model, a launch centre, a console, a Mars rover and a satellite. Plus easy-to-follow manual and pretty stickers. City space shuttle sets meet the safety standards for children and are compatible with most brands, you can play creatively by putting things together.
  • Create a unique space adventure: infinite imagination in space exploration, more creativity, more adventure. We will start this wonderful journey of exploring rooms with children. This exciting space toy appeals to children who love exploration of space and want to find out the secrets of the universe with the space shuttle.
  • Features and functions: Children can command and count down the start of the space shuttle from the start control centre and transport the Mars rover to the Mars surface. This space shuttle set offers children a real space exploration experience for hours of imaginative fun.

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