Solomon's Original Gloss Varnish 120ml

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 Solomon's Original Gloss Varnish Acrylic Transprent 120 ml 

  • Gloss varnish 120ml is best as a final protective coat for oil painting, can be sprayed or brushed. Clean painting before use, with a rag soaked in spirit. If color bleeds do not varnish it. Should be used on a thoroughly dried oil paint film.

Artists’ Varnish is perfect for giving your paintings a clear, non-yellowing protective coating, which will defend them from dirt and grease.

It’s ideal for oil, alkyd or acrylic paintings, and is extremely easy to use.

Once your work is thoroughly dry (allow a minimum of six months for oils), simply spray the aerosol evenly over it from a distance of around 30cm.

Artists’ Varnish is removable, it’s suitable for fine art.

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