Mole Maze Baby Educational Toy for Kids

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GAME 1 Quick Puzzle-Solving Game
Each player should take 1 tray and 8 moles. 2 of each color.

Place all of the moles inside the tray in any orientation. Separate the cards and shuffle each deck individually. Place each face-down deck and the bell within reach of both players.

When both players are ready, flip a card from the deck and let the race begin.Work to match the pattern on the card by sliding the moles in your tray with your finger. You may not lift any moles from the tray. The pattern can be matched from any direction.

When you finish matching the pattern, catch the card. If you finish before your opponent, take the card as your point. Then flip another card and go again. The first player to get 5 cards wins!


Two players take one tray. Put the game board card onto the tray.

Each player take 4 PCS of the same color mole. Take turns laying one mole in a square.

When one player has three in a row HE/SHE is the winner.

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