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Foam Brush 2 inch

Foam Brush 2 inch

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Foam Brush 2 inch
  • Outus assorted size poly foam wood handle, Clean and restore
  • There are two ways to approach cleaning brushes. The easiest is to clean the brush right when you're finished using it. There are times when we don't quite get around to cleaning the brushes right away. Then it gets hard, and needs to be soaked in a strong solvent to get it clean.
  • Works on all smooth surfaces. Good for the application of enamel, latex, oil paints, stain and varnish. It's also good brushes for smoothing out paint and covering correctly in fewer strokes, leaves no brush marks or loose bristles. Suitable for home decorating, craft project, staining, painting, varnishes, etc.

Outus assorted

loose bristles

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