Daler Rowney System 3 Short Flat Acrylic Brush Single Piece

Daler RowneySKU: T0012786

Size: 4-Jan
Sale priceRs.1,375


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A sharp square-edged brush that holds plenty of colour for long continuous strokes and allows for good colour flow. Ideal for laying broad washes if used flat and making thick strokes. The sharp edge is excellent for thin line.

System 3 brushes are resilient and durable - an ideal painting tool for beginners and professionals alike. The single thickness of soft synthetic filaments gives a good snap and perfect spring ideal for acrylic painting.

The soft dark-tipped synthetic filaments and black aluminium ferrule combined with an ergonomic yellow short handle gives this brush style, affordability, flexibility, and comfort. The unique balanced handle prevents fatigue through hours of painting.

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