Back To School Stationery Deal No 17

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Back to School Stationery Deal no 17

All your school stationery needs in one pack comfort and best price.

School Stationery Deal Included:

  • 1pack Tempo Fiber Tip Marker set 10 Colour. WI00195
  • 10Pcs box Tempo Fiber Tip Marker Blue. WI00825
  • 48pcs jar Sensa Tri Star Pencil 2.2HB-Lead. WI00818
  • 1pcs Bahadur Fountain Pen Blaze # 503 Black (1pcs). WI00312
  • 1pcs Scale Oro Transparent 12 inch. ST02244
  • 10pcs Pack oro Ink Remover. ST02242
  • Sharpner Idea #703 (48Pcs) - Multicolour - Sensa  ST03669
  • 1pcs Geometry Box 588. ST00271
  • 1pcsLunch box Sw107. ST03023
  • 1pcs Water Bottles Baby 570ml 5223. ST00859

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