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9 Amazing Educational Toys For Kids

by Maria Haider 23 Jan 2022

Toddlers learn in lots of ways. They are constantly curious and love to play, touch, move, and test their boundaries.

Some 2-year-olds just like to wiggle their little bodies around, or they prefer tactile learning while others enjoy sitting and playing quietly. There are toys in the market that cater to the interest of every 2 to 4-year-old toddler.

According to Whitney Casares (M.D., M.P.H., pediatrician), 2-year-olds start understanding contexts and their concepts at this age.

Toys like books that show different pieces of equipment in a doctor’s office or farm animals in a barn are highly productive for kids in that age group.

Here’s the list of top educational toys for 2 to 4-year-olds.

Multi-Functional Wooden Puzzle Box

This toy is ideal for 1 to 7-year-olds. It helps early learners develop important skills to succeed at the kindergarten level. It is equipped with numbers that enhance the reading and mathematical skills of kids.

The objective that makes this toy challenging is to sort and match the wooden block numbers with its relevant slots in the house frame.

Multi-Functional Wooden Puzzle Box

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The toy is full of fun for kids. Plus, the toy makes it easy for them to discover the necessary skills of problem-solving, making accurate calculations, and shape recognition independently.

Intelligent Toy for Kids

This toy helps develop multiple areas in kids’ brains. 

It’s outstanding for logical thinking, problem-solving, and lots more.

Intelligent Toy for Kids

Kids can play with the intelligent wooden toy in ways beyond what is mentioned in its instruction book to improve their creativity.

Rather than letting your children play games over tablets constantly for hours, inspire their imagination, creativity, shape analysis, and observation with this amazing toy.

Counting Toy

The toy comes with bright colors, and it teaches your kid colors and letters while playing. It benefits the kids by improving their potential, patience, hand-eye coordination, and assembling ability.

Counting Toy

In addition, it encourages your kid to multiply, divide, add and subtract to help them learn the basic calculation. If you want your kid to learn mathematics, this toy is one of the top options.

Note: The small parts of the puzzle set are not meant for under 3-year-olds.

Embossed Small Alphabets

It’s a premium quality wooden alphabet puzzle with smooth wooden alphabets in bright colors. It’s ideal as an educational toy for your kid, and it’s easier to clean.

Embossed Small Alphabets

The material of the toy is long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about getting it broken by your naughty child.

Clock Toy

To teach your kid how to check the time, this is a must-have toy.

Clock Toy

It has a clock design and colorful numbers. Likewise, it entails 12 colorful numbers and a wooden dial. The toy gives your kid the ability to practice his or her operational skills, hand-eye coordination, and develop thinking.

Electronic LCD Drawing Tablet

The electronic writing and drawing pad improves the creativity of your kid. It is powered by a fixed and long-lasting replaceable battery.

Electronic LCD Drawing Tablet

It has an 8.5-inch screen that helps your kid draw even bigger illustrations. The best part is it comes in handy, and your kid can take it with him or her anywhere.

Calculation Shelf 

This educational toy is as engaging as playtime. It comes with a dual advantage of abacus and calculation panel.

Calculation Shelf

The toy makes your kid’s tactile relationship and visual better by letting him or her count and move the beads with the calculation shelf.

The shelf enhances the addition, subtraction, and color matching skills of your kid.

Number Rod Stand

The toy helps kids to quantify exactly the different sizes, instead of just saying which one is longer or shorter than the other. It’s not as simple for kids as it seems because it requires some practice to be able to compare and judge quantities.

Number Rod Stand

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This toy is meant for 4-year-olds once they have developed interest in numbers and mastered the red rods.

Ten Boards Set & Beads Boxes

Ten Boards Set & Beads Boxes

This board set teaches kids symbols, sequences from 10 to 99, and number names. 

Playing it with Montessori beads makes the board set more fun and productive.

Final Word

Those educational toys for kids are among the top selling ones that motivate kids to learn mathematics and other things in a fun way.

Education doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

Try your best to engage your kid with productive and educational toys instead of letting them waste their time and damage their eyes with tablet games.

The more they put their minds and bodies to work, the brighter and stronger they will be.

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